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Organizational Membership of Good Governance Forum

Organizational Members:

Membership Eligibility
Organizational membership is offered to civil society organizations, NGOs, charities and trusts as well as commercial enterprises on case to case basis, subject to the approval of the Good Governance Forum.
Membership Procedure

The applying organization will email its corporate profile to Good Governance Forum alongwith the scanned copy of the bank deposit slip for the membership fee. In case, the membership is not approved by the Good Governance Forum for any reason, the membership fee will be refunded within one week from the date it is received in our bank account. We do not consider membership application without the scanned copy of the bank deposit slip. 

Membership Fee

Annual Turnover –based Categories:

A-Category having annual turnover of Rs 10 million or above
B-Category having annual turnover of Rs 5 million or above but less than Rs 10 million
C-Category having annual turnover of less than Rs 5 million 

1     NGOs, charities and trusts who register as organizational members pay Rs 25,000 (A-category), Rs 15,000 (B-category) and 10,000 (C-category) in a year.

2        Service providers pay Rs 25,000 (A-category), Rs 15,000 (B-category) and 10,000 (C-category) in a year.
      Trade bodies/associations and other registered representative bodies: Rs 25,000 (A-category), Rs 15,000 
      (B-category) and 10,000 (C-category) in a year.
Other commercial organizations pay Rs 50,000 per year.

Privileges of Organizational Members
Good Governance Forum receive news, articles and reports from the various funding organizations across the globe. We provide this material to our enrolled member organizations  to help them take up their funding needs with the relevant funding institutions. 

Good Governance Forum receives invitations to seminars and workshops on the various aspects of civil society organizations, training programs, and volunteering options from around the world. This information is also shared with our member organizations.

Good Governance Forum receives reference checks from the foreign donors to give them our feedback on the working of the NGO/civil society organization in Pakistan that applies for donation/grant/financial assistance from them. 

Overseas Pakistanis contact us for our feedback for sending funds to NGOs/civil society organizations working in Pakistan. Many representative bodies of the overseas Pakistanis are enrolled with us. 

Good Governance Forum is registered with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.It connects people, ideas and resources with the UN agencies and programs through its foreign associates to solve the great global challenges of the 21st century in Pakistan. Our organizational members can benefit from these people, ideas and resources of the UN agencies and programs.

Good Governance Forum can help members of the Pakistan-American Diaspora population, and everyone interested in advancing the MDGs, support UNDP’s important efforts in Pakistan
Good Governance Forum receives news, articles and reports from 100+ domestic and foreign think tanks, civil society organizations and media. Members are provided this material from time to time according to their assigned groups.

Good Governance Forum assists its members through its network of civil servants, military officers, advocates, civil society activists, parliamentarians and media if they have a genuine problem with any government agency.

Good Governance Forum has a network of I. T. houses, advertising and PR companies, lobbyists, trainers, and recruiters within and outside Pakistan. Our organizational members can benefit from the cost as well as the quality of service.

Good Governance Forum plans to nominate ladies and gentlemen from among its organizational members to work with major political parties, NGOs and government departments to help improve governance in the country.

Payment of Membership Fee

Membership fee can be paid by cash or crossed cheque drawn in favour of Good Governance Forum and deposited in any branch of our bank in Pakistan. Bank details can be obtained by emailing to   

Guiding Principles of Good Governance Forum apply for the conduct of all associates of the forum including its Patrons, Advisors, Contributors, Individual and OrganizationalMembers.

These can be viewed at By joining the forum, you are presumed to have agreed to these principles and rules.

For further info, please email to

Updated 1 May 2016

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